U-Blocks are a Rigid Polyurethane Foam Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) building block system. They are dry stacked and filled with reinforced concrete. U-Blocks form concrete walls and foundations for homes and buildings and then remain in place as the insulation afterwards.Floating-block

The finished homes and buildings look the same as typical construction because they use the same interiors and exteriors. The biggest differences people will notice is that the homes are more comfortable because they are more energy efficient and soundproof.

U-Blocks make the best ICF walls because they are made of Rigid  Polyurethane Foam, a better material than Styrofoam. Rigid Polyurethane Foam is used as insulation in our freezers and fridges and in many other insulating applications. Great Stuff expanding foam in a spray can is a type of rigid polyurethane foam. All of our significant ICF competition is Styrofoam. Right now it is estimated that 7-10% of new construction is with Styrofoam ICFs.

Styrofoam has mixed reviews because the finished structure is stronger and more energy efficient than wood framing and people love building Greener, but Styrofoam also has a lot of concrete blowouts when being poured so it requires some type of external support and/or careful placement of concrete. Because of this weakness Styrofoam ICFs are much more complicated to install. Some people may think that U-Blocks are like Styrofoam, difficult to install and complicated because of side blowouts but they are not!  

U-Blocks are easy to install and don’t blowout because they have very strong sidewalls. Each U-Block is a Single piece of rigid foam formed from poured liquid Polyurethane.  The U-Blocks themselves are also structurally designed to further increase the sidewall strength of the blocks. That is why U-Blocks work so well and don’t blowout. We haven’t had any reported side blowouts of our block. 

Because of our a unique manufacturing process, U-Blocks are able to be produced quickly and efficiently allowing us to keep our prices low.

Polyurethane foam is already considered the best insulation used in construction today. It seals better because it is one of the most adhesive materials. Polyurethane is also far more insulating than fiberglass, cellulose, polystyrene and other standard insulation materials. Polyurethane is nearly double the insulation value of Styrofoam per inch of thickness.

Polyurethane is also more fire and water resistant than the other types of insulation. So far we have been comparing U-Blocks to Styrofoam ICF construction because it is the most similar to U-Blocks construction. The biggest problem with Styrofoam ICF construction and what keeps it from growing is that it’s much more expensive than building with wood. Technically we will be competing with Styrofoam ICFs but U-Blocks are so much better and much less expensive that the competition.

U-Blocks are more safe in fires, earthquakes and natural disasters plus you save money every month on energy bills.